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NPN | Prescription Charges

According to The Department of Health and Social Care, prescription charges will be held at £9.35 an item as we move into the 2022/23 financial year, marking the first time in 12 years that costs have been frozen like this.

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NPN | Mental Health: Pharmacist Training in 2022

First announced in the ‘NHS People Plan’, plans to give pharmacists specialist mental health training are soon to be underway as a pilot programme begins at the University of Bradford in April.


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NPN | Stop Smoking: Hospital Referral Service Now Underway

The second of the two new Advanced services to be introduced to community pharmacies this year has officially commenced. This service aims to reduce morbidity and mortality from smoking, reducing health inequalities associated with higher rates of smoking, and ensuing that any patients referred to community pharmacy receive assistance that’s consistent and effective.

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NPN | Your Pharmacy Can Help: Migraine

When a headache strikes, it can usually be treated with an over-the-counter pain reliever - but for those who suffer from migraines, a paracetamol just won’t cut it. Community pharmacists can offer treatment and advice for those in need of migraine prevention and management.

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