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NPN | What Happens at a Pharmacy Health Checkup?

If you’re over the age of 40 and under the age of 74, the NHS Health Check programme is designed to help you stay on top of your wellbeing. Some pharmacies will be able to offer you an NHS Health Check - so it’s worth popping into your local pharmacy to see if they can help - or giving them a call. Even if your local pharmacy isn’t providing the NHS Health Check, they may still be able to take your blood pressure.

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NPN | Cholesterol

Cholesterol is important - it serves an important function for your body, helping to maintain your cell membranes and synthesising vitamins and hormones. But when you have too much of it, you’re at higher risk of heart attacks and strokes. If you’re over the age of twenty, you should have your cholesterol levels tested every five years - and your local pharmacy can help.

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NPN | Alcohol Intake

If you have concerns about the amount of alcohol you’re consuming, your local pharmacy is here to help. Pharmacists are able to provide advice on getting the help you need to reduce your alcohol intake.

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NPN | Your Pharmacy Can Help - Digestive Health

Are you worried about your digestive health? Is the period after a meal always uncomfortable? Your local pharmacy can be a valuable resource to help you make up with your gut.

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NPN | Allergies

For many, allergies are nothing more than a mild irritation, but for some, they can have an extremely significant impact on daily life.

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NPN | Your Pharmacy Can Help: Weight Loss

There are a few resolutions that pop up again and again at this time of the year. Some people aim to cut their drinking - others look to kick their smoking habit. For many, the festive period brings with it a desire to lose weight. In addition to offering assistance with the reduction of smoking and drinking, community pharmacies are in a prime place to help people manage weight, offering products and advice related to diet and fitness.

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