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NPN | What Happens at a Pharmacy Health Checkup?

If you’re over the age of 40 and under the age of 74, the NHS Health Check programme is designed to help you stay on top of your wellbeing. Some pharmacies will be able to offer you an NHS Health Check - so it’s worth popping into your local pharmacy to see if they can help - or giving them a call. Even if your local pharmacy isn’t providing the NHS Health Check, they may still be able to take your blood pressure.

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NPN | Stop Smoking: Hospital Referral Service Now Underway

The second of the two new Advanced services to be introduced to community pharmacies this year has officially commenced. This service aims to reduce morbidity and mortality from smoking, reducing health inequalities associated with higher rates of smoking, and ensuing that any patients referred to community pharmacy receive assistance that’s consistent and effective.

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NPN | Your Pharmacy Can Help you Quit Smoking

Quitting smoking isn’t easy, but if you’re looking for expert advice and support, pharmacies are perfectly equipped to help. With a range of products in store and online that can help you to achieve your goals, pharmacies are set up to help you quit smoking for good.

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