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NPN | Stop Smoking: Hospital Referral Service Now Underway

The second of the two new Advanced services to be introduced to community pharmacies this year has officially commenced. This service aims to reduce morbidity and mortality from smoking, reducing health inequalities associated with higher rates of smoking, and ensuing that any patients referred to community pharmacy receive assistance that’s consistent and effective.

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NPN | Skin Conditions

Developing a problem with your skin can have a negative effect on your life, even if it’s harmless - especially when the skin condition is particularly visible, in areas like your face or hands. In some cases, you might be tempted to visit your GP - but your local pharmacy team are qualified healthcare professions who can offer clinical advice and over-the-counter medicines to help with all sorts of skin problems.

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NPN | Allergies

For many, allergies are nothing more than a mild irritation, but for some, they can have an extremely significant impact on daily life.

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NPN | Men's Health

Getting men to talk about their health can be a challenge - and starting the conversation is something pharmacies are getting better at. Your local pharmacy staff are trained to conduct consultations with empathy, maintaining your dignity throughout and providing a discrete space to talk about common issues like erection problems and hair loss.

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