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NPN | Fit-to-Fly at your Local Pharmacy

As the days get increasingly longer and the summer months begin to draw in, you might have a holiday on your mind. Ensure you don’t get caught short by the fit-to-fly rules, and seek out a pharmacy near you offering tests and providing Fit to Fly certificates within 72 hours.

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NPN | Travel Health Clinic

It may only be February, but cold weather has a tendency to turn the imagination towards hotter climes, and dreams of getting away might be starting to creep into your day-to-day life. When the time comes to start planning this year’s holiday, don’t forget to factor in a visit to your local pharmacy to get some advice.

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NPN | Get A Vaccination At Your Local Pharmacy

Vaccinations have become a bit of a hot topic in the last few years, and whilst you’re most likely aware of the fact that you can get your COVID-19 Vaccines and Boosters at one of your local pharmacies, you might not know that pharmacists across the UK are making other vaccines convenient and accessible.

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