NPN | Fit-to-Fly at your Local Pharmacy

Restrictions in the UK have been brought to an end, but as the world opens up its airports, there are still measures in place to ensure travellers can fly with confidence, without compromising the safety of staff and other passengers. Many airlines will require a “fit to fly” certificate to prove you have undergone testing for COVID-19 within 48 hours of departure - and have received a negative result.

A PCR swab test result can tell you if you have tested positive or negative for COVID-19, and results will usually be sent through the next working day. If you need a travel certificate to show that you are not carrying the COVID-19 virus, this is the test you need. Your Fit to Fly travel certificate will be provided once you’ve tested negative, and will include your full name, date of birth, laboratory and test credentials, passport number, time and date of sample, and the time and date of the report.

You can use the NPN search function to identify community pharmacies near you operating a travel clinic - these locations are likely to be able to provide you with a fit-to-fly test, and also administer any vaccinations you may require in order to travel to your chosen destination. You may be required to pay for a COVID-19 PCR test in order to secure your fit-to-fly certificate. Prices can vary, so it’s worth checking the website or calling the pharmacy to speak to a member of the team in order to get an idea of the costs.

Different airlines are taking different approaches to the COVID-19 policy, and these are subject to change frequently, so we can’t provide advice on the specific requirements of each airline. Ensure you have contacted your airline for specific details about their fit-to-fly requirements. It is your responsibility to check the validity of certificates with your respective airline before booking a test with your community pharmacy.

Be aware that on-site testing is only an option for those who aren’t currently showing any symptoms of COVID-19. If you have symptoms, please contact your chosen pharmacy to arrange an off-site test.

If you are returning from a country where a quarantine or isolation period is required, you can end this early by taking a Test to Release PCR in order to confirm that you are testing negative for COVID-19.


Government advice on travel is updated on a regular basis. If you are travelling, you should check the FCO advice about entry requirements for the country you are planning to visit before you book your tickets.