NPN | Get A Vaccination At Your Local Pharmacy

Waiting for an appointment with your GP to get a simple jab isn’t something you need to do anymore. Many pharmacies across the nation are trained, qualified and authorised to administer all sorts of vaccines - so whether you missed out on something in your childhood or are in need of a specific vaccination to travel to a new country, your local pharmacy might be able to help - and thanks to longer opening hours (including weekends), you can get vaccinated at a time that works for you.

Vaccinations are a speedy, effective and safe way to protect yourself against diseases that would otherwise damage your health. Vaccinations are normally given by injection, and will help your immune system to develop natural defences to the disease - that way, when you encounter the disease, you’ll already have the antibodies to protect yourself. Being vaccinated will also prevent you from passing diseases onto other people, protecting the vulnerable members of your community and limiting the spread of the disease.

For some diseases, like chickenpox, it’s usually enough to have one vaccination, to protect you from the disease for life. With other diseases, such as flu, the virus evolves into new strains - and each year, experts from organisations like the World Health Organisation will identify which strains pose the greatest risk in the upcoming season, and a vaccine is developed to protect against those strains before the flu season starts. People who are at risk of becoming seriously ill with flu should get a flu jab every year - around autumn or early winter is best, but you can get the vaccine at any time of the year. You can find out if you’re eligible for a free flu vaccination by using the NHS website.

You will have to pay for any vaccinations you are provided with at your chosen pharmacy. Below are some of the vaccinations available nationwide, with estimated prices you can expect to pay:

Chickenpox: £50 - £75

Flu: £8 - £15

Hepatitis B: £25 - £48

HPV: £100 - £150

Meningitis ACWY: £50 - £83

Meningitis B: £105 - £120

MMR: £35 - £45

Pneumococcal: £35 - £85

Shingles: £150 - £200

Tuberculosis: £55 £85


Pop into your local pharmacy or give them a call to enquire about which vaccinations they are authorised to administer, and to book an appointment at a time that suits you.